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     Looking forward...

First Class Photography is a Small Business. 

We photograph children of all ages, infants all the way through college,

so we are particularly affected by the challenges CoVid-19 has presented.


With more than 30 years' experience, nothing like this has ever been seen.


As we look forward to reopening our schools, uncertainty prevails.

How can we maintain social distancing as well as educate, and care for, students?


As a professional photographer, I will invest in methods to keep our children safe.  I will wear protective clothing

and face shield during photo sessions.  All photo sessions will be contact-less, and taken in classrooms.


Gloves, booties, protective face shield, sanitizer and social distancing.  The new "normal" for us adults.

Please call me to discuss plans for your center, and how we can work together.


I look forward to the day we can all return our daily lives. 

Until then, let's be grateful for yesterday, look forward to today with our families,

and hope that tomorrow will be a better day.


Kev Hickey



This link inspired me today.  Please enjoy...

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